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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
People who think this way should not be parents. If you are considering getting genetic testing to determine what sport to shove your kid into in hopes that in twenty years you'll get accolades for raising a star athlete, you are missing the point and should not be a parent.

Jesus Christ, why don't we just take kids out of their homes and into mandatory training camps like the Chinese do? I mean, they're winning all those gold medals! That's what matters, right?
I disagree. People force their children to go to school and get good grades regardless of whether or not they want to do it, and raise their children with the dream of putting them through college, without the child's will, should they have their rights as parents revoked? They do genetic testing in ex-combloc nations, in the form of muscle biopsy and physical tests, in fact Pyrros Dimas is involved at the top level in a testing program like that in Greece, where the kids can voluntarily participate. I think that, if a child is interested in it, why not?
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