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Default Relative strength rant

What's sad is that most people only regard one aspect of relative strength, bodyweight-to-weight lifted ratio. People at a lighter bodyweight are often at an advantage has they have less bodymass to move with and typically a shorter height necessary to lift the barbell. Hossein Rezazadeh could never CJ triple bodyweight however when you factor in his bodymass of over 135kg, a lot of which is bodyfat, his achievements are just as impressive. Another form of relative strength is weight lifted-to-height. Suleymanoglu only has to pull the bar to Hossein's lower thigh to clean it. The Bulgarian SHW snatching +200kg at Athens, at a height of 6'9" is more impressive than a triple bodyweight CJ. Think about it, he has to take that barbell from the floor to more than eight feet in the air in less than one second, and at such a massive bodyweight. Yet no one takes in to account this relative strength.

So that's my rant.
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