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Default weight training + grip training

So I've recently become interested in grip training, specifically in the strength to close grippers.

My hand strength is very low at the moment, and as such I have bought the two lowest level CoC grippers. They're getting here on the 9th.

Anyway, my question is how do people combine grip training with regular training without them interfering with eachother.

My schedule is going to look like this...
Mon - weighted dips, front lever holds or pullups, powercleans
Tues - l-sit holds or walks or spins, 10-15 min conditiong w/ KBs and jumprope along with bw type stuff, and then tumbling at night
Wed - planche holds or pushups, weighted pullups, squats
Thurs - same as tuesday
Fri - weighted dips, front lever holds or pullups, deadlifts
Sat, Sun - rest

Then the next week the upper body work on mon,wed,fri would switch so it would be two days of planche, weighted chins and only one day of dips, front lever.

I'm basically just looking for some advice on how to include gripper training into my workouts. Would it be better to do it on mon, wed, fri immediately after my workout, or a few hours after, or on maybe tues, thurs, sat? I'm just completely lost when it comes to programming grip training with other training and could really use some help.
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