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Gripboard is not for the faint of heart. Some incredible information on grip training there though. They have an incredible FAQ and start here guide which is definitely worth the read.

Be really careful with your grippers not to overwork yourself. It is easy to end up with some very nasty finger and thumb pain. You have to work your extensors as well as your flexors and this is usually done with a thick rubber band around your fingers. I would do something like this and I am no grip expert.

Mon Grippers sets of up to 20 reps
Wed BB Crush, BB Extension and BB Flexion once again sets of up to 20 X 3
Fri Grippers sets of up to 20 reps

This is a real basic template and you could change up Friday and add in some pinch grip training, sledge levering, fat bar or KB work.

I recommend reading anything you can find by Jedd Johnson of the Diesel Crew. He is the man when it comes to hand strength. He did a compilation post somewhere that I can't find right now on how to set a gripper. That is a must watch. Here are a couple of links

and basically anything in this part of the Diesel Crew forum will get you excited for grip training.
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