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March 4 Wednesday

Apparently I jammed my right thumb really bad last night at MMA. I knew I stuffed it once on a takedown but didn't think any more of it. It woke me up three times last night and was nice and swollen this morning. What a pain, literally...


Rack DL's off 3" boxes 45 X 5, 135 X 5, 225 X 5, 275 X 5, 295 X 5, 345 X 3, 345 X 1
all with straps since I can't make a proper fist with my right hand.

Bench 45 X 5, 95 X 5, 135 X 5, 185 X 5 X 3, 205 X 1
DB Row 50 X 8 X 4

KB Snatch 5 minutes W/ 16 KG KB, 11 reps per hand and switch. Made it through 5 rounds per hand and 5 minutes was up on the 9th rep of the 5th set on my left hand. So I finished my 11. That means 107 reps in 5 minutes. Next week more reps.
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