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As a Sopranos fan, the London Broil has a special place in my heart. But it's not my area.

Marinate: see below
Tenderize: nothing beyond lemon/lime. I just cut it into thin strips.
Grill or stove: I don't cook anything in the stove except pizza, lasagna, or other Italian fare.

If I have flank or skirt steak, I'm usually grilling fajitas. So a little lime or lemon, cumin, paprika, cayenne, and all the other usual crap. I score it (most of the time) and marinate it overnight if I think about it. I suppose it's best to do it at least 12 hours, but if I'm doing fajitas, that means I'm drinking lots of Tecate or Negro Modelo, eating lots of chips and queso, and frying lots of onions and peppers in oil. The guests seem to enjoy them, but my taste buds are incommunicado at that point.

I went the other direction once and marinated flank in teriyaki. It wasn't bad.

I don't know much beyond this, but I look forward to the discussion.
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