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Well, depends on how ya want to cook Brisket. Slow cooker, Grill, Smoke, all work great and there are tons of on line recipes.

Rub, Inject, Brine, BBQ Sauce, all work to enhance the taste.

While I like to Grill either direct or indirect heat, I'm saving up some bucks to buy a Cookshack electric smoker. While the die hard BBQ people might whine, nothing beats putting on a brisket, come back in 18 hours, maybe adding wood once, maybe not, and having a great piece of smoked meat. Read the reviews of these great smokers, you'd be hard pressed to find a better value.

BTW, the BBQ comps and festivals are firming up dates for 2009.

I plan to head to Rochester over the Memorial weekend and catch the RocRib Fest, and get this, I've signed up for a BBQ judging class, and that will get me a KCBS membership and I can judge future competitions. Is this a great country or what.

I plan to spend my summer doing some local Scuba diving and going on road trips to eat BBQ, plus I have the Senior games in York Pa in July.

Chow On.
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