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I would like to add an update to my original post. Perhaps grip strength is not really my issue. This week I worked out on Tuesday night. I snatched using hook grip doing about 10 reps working singles from 165lbs up to 195lbs. No grip issues at all. I had some tape over a couple torn spots on my hands and used just a little chalk on my index, pointer, and thumb.

So fast forward to Wednesday night, I go out to my garage because I just wanted to work some Snatch grip deadlifts. I start doing some warmup sets and it was hard as hell trying to hold onto 135lbs. I don't know how to describe it but other than it was just really uncomfortable and kind of burning sensation. I went up to about 185lbs with warmup sets trying to fight through the uncomfortableness, then finally switched over to straps and did 225lbs x 2 x 6.

So what is the deal with that?
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