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March 6 Friday

BJJ Fundamentals

Worked on armbar and stack escape. Some really good technical points. Opposite shoulder pressing down as hard as possible, small incremental removal of trapped arm, same side leg right in the crack of your opponents ass, look up and follow your head around to side control. Finished class with 15 minutes of transitional work.

guy 1) attacks guy 2 in his guard with armbar
guy 2) escapes with stack and escape to side control
guy 2) once solid in side control go to low KOB
guy 2) moves from KOB to mount
guy 2) goes for collar choke
guy 1) defends collar choke and escapes mount with bridge
guy 2) now with guy 1 in guard immediately attacks armbar

I am loving how Todd is putting together these transitional drills. They are solid for the both the new guys and people with more experience.

Seriously who doesn't need more armbar and escape practice!
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