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I have an old Gi that is in the garage and I do lapel P/U's. I think the towel might be thicker then the lapel and would be a different kind of adaptation. I also do static holds with it where I will hang from the Gi for time or get at the top of a P/U and do an entire body crunch and hold that for time like I was doing a choke. I think that length of time you can apply a solid grip is more valuable than maximal strength when grabbing. Since everything is so dynamic in BJJ and you are always moving I want to be able to grab a collar and use that to control my opponent no matter how he moves. Does that make sense?

I could not imagine doing GTG with it though as my hands hurt pretty much all the time from training. I haven't decided if I am getting old or what. Heck maybe I need to do GTG. I definitely will be doing a ton of Gi P/U's in front of this next tournament.
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