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Ok Here is some updated videos from another angle from yesterdays WOD, It's a little more weight, I think I'm still having the same problems. I'm trying to focus on slowing the first pull to keep my hips from rising, it might have helped alittle in the snatch but not much in the clean. Does it matter that i'm 6'4" I just can't seem to keep them down!!!!

snatch 165 lbs

snatch 175 lbs

clean and jerk 215 lbs

Alright guys I got my bumpers in 2 weeks ago and am now totally obsessed with the o lifts. So I've been watching videos of natalie, casey, aimee, and greg trying to work on form. I think I corrected most of the mistakes I've seen so now I need an outside source. Here's the videos from yesterdays WOD they are wfs.
Oh and I have limited computer skills sorry I couldn't edit these videos....

Muscle snatch


Clean and Jerk

P.S. The "capp" bar I have now is bent and I'm in the market for a good bar. Whats the difference between the training bars and the comp. bars besides the prices and how much can they hold? thanks guys.

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