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Don Stevenson
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most of the mistakes you are currently making are very common to beginners so don't be to concerned if it looks like a lot to fix.


1. You aren't really setting before you pull and then when you do pull your hips shoot up too fast.
2. You aren't extending at the top of the pull and you are pulling with your arms early.
3. The above two points will severely limit your power and you'll struggle to lift big weights at the moment.
4. On a good note your bottom position and flexibility look fine, i'dprobably try to keep your head up when you hit the bottom though.

1. set up and initial pull are are better than the snatch but watch out for starting with bent arms and straightening them just as you pull, it's a good way to tear biceps tendons.
2. once again, failure to extend in the pull and then early pull with the arms to compensate.


1. Dip is a little slow
2. you need to split the feet further apart and drop deeper, you back leg is very straight and that will tend to push the weight forward in the jerk.
3.Head position is generally ok but try not to look down.

Not bad for early days
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