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Greg Davis
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I always end a dynamic mobility warmup with some "deep wideout squats" (i think the name came from eric cressey's magnificent mobility but im not sure)... just jump up and land in a wide deep squat.

If you're going to hang from a bar you might as well do some kipping hangs ala what robb wolf recommended in a past pmenu issue.. improve thoracic mobility at same time.

If I'm hitting weights at the gym I like the routine I have:
d/m ending with deep wideout squats
1-2 intervals of skipping rope
kipping bar hangs
set of OHS

Has worked really well for me- especially since my weights workouts are right before BJJ sessions usually, so I only do a few warmup sets to work up to my heavy set (squeezed for time). Gotta feel "primed" to jump right in to it.
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