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Originally Posted by Don Stevenson View Post
...when you do pull your hips shoot up too fast.
I had this same exact problem. If you go to some of my D. Coaching vid a couple months ago mine was even more exagerated than yours. What fixed me was really keeping my knees flared really wide all the way to the mid-hang position. If you have greg's book or watch some of those lifters videos you will see that even when those lifters have the bar at about mid-hang there knees are still pointing out to the sides.

This allowed my knees to get back out of the way better in order for me to keep a more upright torso which corrected the hips shooting problem. Also, you can practice this with some snatch grip deadlifts or halting SGDL's.

I am not sure if I am real consistent with it yet. I need to try to get some more snatch video of myself because I think I have really improved over the last couple months. But I seem to be doing much better lately. I'm working out anywhere between 165lbs to 200lbs and I am rarely missing now or falling forward. My current Snatch PR stands at 210lbs which I made probably the week after I made the above noted adjustment to my form.
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