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Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
So how does a person go about getting anywhere in weightlifting competitively without the support of a local coach or team nearby? In fact how does someone really improve anywhere in this sport with no real guidance?

Straight to the point. I just don't know where to look when there is no one in this area who is a coach or even does weightlifting. Hell most people have never even heard of the sport.
Find a local college/HS with a good sports/strength program......find the name of the S&C him directly and ask to get private instruction....S&C coaches are just normal people...and most people like to make cash on the side.....if you have none of those locally....might have to just take a week and go travel somewhere to find the instruction you are looking for. Sounds like a good excuse to go visit Greg and his new CA facility.

Ask anyone who gets serious about a sport....sometimes they just have to pack up and move to where the training is full time to get anywhere. It's all in what your real goals are and how serious you want to take it. Anything is possible....if you make it happen.
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