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Originally Posted by Elliot Royce View Post

There isn't a squat in a power clean. Do you mean hang clean? I'm no expert but to improve on your cleans you can disaggregate the issue and work on your limitation. If you clarify which version of the clean you're doing, I'll see if I can fish out some beginner tips for you since I've been getting them from my coach more or less continuously (so much to work on).

And Jerry, Rene is right. SS is a series of warmup sets followed by 3 across at the work set weight. Do you have the book? Well worth getting.
Thanks, Elliot; I'd appreciate the tips for both squat and power cleans. I was talking about power cleans. I know there is no squat; what I mean is that I was still feeling depleted from the back squats and thought maybe that impacted the cleans and led to a lack of pop.

Here's a video of some power cleans I did at 55kg, which is sort of my limit right now (5' 9.75"--oh, for that quarter inch!--about 158 lbs these days, 39 yrs old).

I have poor flexibility and really feel deep in my back squats (stretched tight, butt tucking under) even though video shows I'm barely breaking parallel. Anyway, squat cleans for me need a LOT of work, so I'm sticking with power right now during this Starting Strength phase. A couple of years of on/off CrossFitting didn't do a whole lot for my flexibility (but did great things for most everything else; I think it's a great program), so I've started to do some dynamic mobility work before each workout ("Magnificent Mobility").

Anyway, sorry about the thread hijack, Jerry (and thanks for the update). I'd really appreciate any advice. I should post this to digital coaching over at XF but haven't yet.

I'll probably go up from 55kg in small steps (using 1-1/4 lb plates) and see if just getting more reps in and trying to drive from the heels more helps me past my sticking points here.

And BTW, I also highly recommend the book, although it sounds like you already have it, Jerry. Practical Programming is also good, and I'm going to try to stick with Rip's programming before going back to CF+ME BB when I've gotten stronger.

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