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Originally Posted by Gavin Harrison View Post
Rippetoe is also 5' 8", like Steve Low, but is 215 lbs, not terribly fat. Rip's the same height as Steve Low, but there's about a 80 lbs difference in weight. Different weights for different goals.
It's not just about different goals.. its about different body types.. just to use the above as an example, even if Steve's goals were to lift as much weight as possible on a bar that doesnt mean automatically that he's "underweight" until he gains 80 lbs.. I think that would be ridiculous. And conversely if Rip decided his goals were in gymnastics he probably could never reasonably drop 80lbs.

Advice along the lines of "just eat, eat, eat until you are 200lbs" based on someone's height is crazy if totally disregarding their body type / metabolism.

Not trying to antagonize anyone here. I just hate the thought of people forcing down food (or starving themselves)..
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