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Originally Posted by Greg Davis View Post
It's not just about different goals.. its about different body types.. just to use the above as an example, even if Steve's goals were to lift as much weight as possible on a bar that doesnt mean automatically that he's "underweight" until he gains 80 lbs.. I think that would be ridiculous. And conversely if Rip decided his goals were in gymnastics he probably could never reasonably drop 80lbs.

Advice along the lines of "just eat, eat, eat until you are 200lbs" based on someone's height is crazy if totally disregarding their body type / metabolism.

Not trying to antagonize anyone here. I just hate the thought of people forcing down food (or starving themselves)..
It is about goals Greg. If his goal is to run 26.2 miles then I wouldn't tell him to gain any weight. If his goal is to bench 450, then he needs to get to work on the food part.

And yes, he would be underweight based on that goal (which isn't a body type). You think an NHL player who is 165 pounds is going to be picked up as a starting defenseman? Not a chance - they'd tell him to gain 40 pounds. The weight and structure of the body fits the goals desired by the brain. Since you didn't define body "type" there is nothing I can say to that...type tends to mean ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

The only way to gain real weight is to force down food for those not used to it. The reason that GOMAD works is that its liquid, milk is awesome for said goal. You could use other things but either way you need to eat 2300 extra calories per day. Your average person isn't used to eating 5,000 total calories of real food. Of course, you could go the 12-pack of Coke option if that better suits your needs.

I'm not sure where you get people are starving themselves. My goal takes 10 weeks to complete at losing 1 1/2 pounds per week, and since I eat paleo with a bit of dairy, I'm far from starving - in fact I'm losing weight on 2,300 calories a day, a far cry from a starvation diet don't you think?
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