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I agree with George on this one. Body type generally means ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph, I guess you could throw body structure in to get a bit more detail or variation, but not much. So, the first three basically just mean you'll have to work harder to get your body to fit your needs, maybe. And the later just means you may have somewhat of a ceiling on how high you can go, kinda.

Form follows function. If you want your body's function to be a huge squat, bench and deadlift, or C&J / Snatch, or strongman or w/e, you'll probably be pretty big. If you're goal is to be able to defy gravity by holding your body horizontal to the ground, you'll probably be a little bit smaller, and probably necessarily low body fat, where a BB strength athlete wouldn't worry as much about bf, unless they're trying to make a weight class lower than 275, 308 or SHW..

Just as another data point, Roger Harrell is 5'11" and weighed about 180 lbs as a competitive gymnast. He said he had a hard time with horizontal straight body work (never achieved front lever / planche ?)
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