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Originally Posted by Greg Davis View Post
Myth: A "comfortable" deadlift setup is best.

This has made me consider my foot stance for DLs. I'm assuming that someone on the longer leg/limb spectrum would benefit from closer feet and that a stockier guy (shorter legs/limbs) would benefit more from wider/sumo. Have I got the correlation in the right direction? Or is it even possible to draw that generalization?
From SS 2nd Ed on the deadlift (p. 111):

"The stance for the deadlift is about the same as the stance for a flat-footed vertical jump, about 12-15 inches between the heels with the toes very slightly out."

I don't see how it should be uncomfortable, but it is not a squat and therefore a wide stance (unless of course doing a sumo deadlift) isn't what its about.

I don't think its possible to draw that generalization as people come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have legs like a 6'4" person but an upper body of a 5'10" person and end up being 6'. I do think people should try a variety of positions that fit their anatomy and find what works best to apply the best transfer of force to the bar. A good video demonstration of the lift for others to critique or a coach can help and athlete obtain that starting position.
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