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Default Personal Training Lecture Notes

I'm coming up with a set of notes for me to review before training clients. So, if one day I'm teaching the backsquat, push-press, and talking about the importance of squat shoes, I'll already have a nice little spheal written up about each one with key points to hit and potential subtopics. I have a tendency to forget certain things when I have too much going on inside my head all at once. I've found that doing notecards and such helps substantially - now I'm just making it more organized.

Does anyone have an interest in this stuff? If so, I'll update it from time to time and give it out privately to anyone who will make good use of it. I don't want to post completed versions of this publicly, because this will be a rather large endeavor on my part and sort of an infodump of all my fitness knowledge, which clients generally pay for. Granted, there's more that goes into training than simply the knowledge, but the way the outline is written sort of shows the style that I have in my teaching too.

Here's what I've written down to help me review for tomorrow. I'm teaching the fundamentals of Starting Strength.

So, would anyone really like to receive updates? I'm aware that many of the people here are actually more knowledgeable than I, and so would have no need of this, but I figure it couldn't hurt to offer.
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