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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
The BGE looks pretty awesome (the ability to sear at 1K+ is outstanding), but it's pricey. That will be on my long-term wish list.

I was feeling good about this thread, so I did a brisket this weekend. I only had 10 hours, so I used the Texas crutch (foil it at 180, add beer (or another liquid), let it steam to 190 then let it rest in the cooler). Turned out pretty good. I usually don't wrap, but this one wasn't missing anything.

Anyone else use the Crutch, or do you always go nude?
Damns Gant, ...I didn't even know about the crutch.

I'm still back with the remedials hammering out pot roast in the dutch oven...felt like cooking indors yesterday after pouring concrete in the basement all day...couldn't bring myself to grill in the snow.

to the plus side, I used Jared's 190 number instead of instinct and then let it rest in a cooler as RX'ed, worked a charm and I ate the whole thing.
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