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Just to muddy the waters, and steal Shaf's contrarian Hat, I remember some pretty intensive studies looking at what metrics could be tracked that might explain differences between elite and mid level Oliftrs...and I think wrestlers. The only real difference was bodyfat%. If you have a 200lb athlete and one is 6% and the other is 10% you have a lot more engine running around on the 6% athlete. I'm sure y'all are savvy to this fact but it (IMO) presents some programming priorities. 1-add muscle/get stronger 2-optimize body comp.

I know you have been eating like crazy to put on muscle and I think mentioned that if you missed any meals you backslide pretty quickly. Same boat here. For shites and grinns I tried the base Zone for a week and leaned out to what I think is about 6%~160-165lbs. Bodyweight movements were awesome (rope-climb, HSPU...until the separated shoulder!) and absolute strength is pretty good on the things I can do.

Not sure what my point is other than occasionally we need to shift gears to reach certain goals.
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