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Originally Posted by Patrick Poblocki View Post
Mike, many mention not to over eat on eating days. This is my point of contention, actually. The great life-style benefits of IF have steered me away from Zone--no more counting--right? But, it seems as though I still have to be relatively aware of what I'm taking in to make sure recovery is there. Do you have any suggestions to monitor quantity that are as strict as Zone? It stands to reason that if I'm a 16 block zoner who decides to fast two days per week at 24 hours, then I'd then have to become a 22/23 blocker to make sure I'm getting the same calories/nutrients. Right?
I don't speak zone....but try and not overcomplicate most of your calories in the post workout window on workout days (well depending on your workouts), and then on your recovery day just make it enjoyable eating....shouldn't have to be forcing the food down although I can eat plenty in one sitting.
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