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I think MR hits the nail on the head once again, and might pay dearly for it (of course it could be an ancient post and nothing happened, thus making me look like a dolt). I went in to CF because I liked the "hardcore" approach to fitness. I read the interview with Greg in Girevek Mag and was intrigued by the promise of bringing up the DL and decreasing my mile time from 10 minutes.

What I found was I became pretty decent at BW exercises like the pull up and push up; decreased my mile time to around 8:00; took my deadlift from 265# to 225#; my squat from about 275# to 225#. On the other hand, I totally ruled at 55lb swings. I could do 30 non-stop and easily did the 21 swings for Helen. I also developed elbow tendonosis, achilles tendonosis, general pain and fatigue.

Bottom line: I came in without the requisite strength background. I was like the guy MR describes except heavier. Had I focused on upping my squat and DL progressively, I might be closer to where I wanted to be. I care about my BF%, but I think that if I worked out the strength problem, the BF would have taken care of itself with the GPP. I think I just stated the obvious.

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