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Like MOD said don't over complicate it.... If there is any thing IFing has done for me it has to me to listen to my body. I use a blind trust at this point if I feel hungry I eat even if I am eating quite a bit more than usual and on the other side of things some days I don't get hungry till 20+ hours have passed and I end up eating quite a bit less that day than usual without any increased feeling of hunger or decrease in recovery.

The thing is I did schedule fasts and food quantity and went through periods where I would over eat under eat and, occasionally get it right. Perhaps that is a part of learning to listen to your body and plug back into an instinctual feeding schedule.

One thing I have to constantly remind myself is that while I must remain present in my actions I am working towards a life goal of general fitness and health so part of that journey will be mistakes and slips. Its just a mater of learning what works for you.

Something I might try is adjusting eating schedule around Work outs Eat more on strength days and use High rep days to Carb up right after the WO and use moderate days to lengthen the fast and lower the intake then just listen to your body on rest days. I sometimes have an incredible appetite on rest days and I would rather recover and increase my performance and health than lose some fat around the waste.
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