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John Filippini
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Disclaimer: Please note I'm not a huge expert, I have things to work out myself too... Stay tuned for people like Greg to really get good info...

Most glaring thing I see you could get a big return from is practicing tall cleans or the like. There's nothing big enough wrong with your cleans that I can pick up without slow motion, other than the fact that they're all power cleans with a squat after, not squat cleans. The cleans that you bail out on at the end are WAY high enough for you to get under, you just need practice to build up guts getting under there.

Now that I look again, your jerks could use some of the same - the bar won't necessarily go up that far in the motion, you should go down to lock your arms out. Doing jerk recoveries in a power cage has helped me get over that fear a bit myself - I would just suggest to actually do the drive under as part of the drill so you get used to not only getting out of a lower split position, but also getting into it.

Also, focus on keeping your chest high during the dip of the jerk, you're caving in a little.

Disclaimer again... more experienced coaches please edit any of this that is dumb
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