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Default Snatch Advice/Corrections?

I finally picked up a cheap camcorder to see what my lifts look like. I did a snatch workout yesterday and was hoping to get some feedback/corrections.

The big things I noticed are:

1) Landing off balance w/ the weight too far forward and coming up on my toes. My correction is to practice hitting my positions on my thigh and making sure the bar is in close to my body when I finish the second pull. I just need to keep the bar closer.

2) Poor head position from start to finish; I look down instead of forward. This may be contributing to not keeping the bar in close enough.

3) I'm concerned about the back angle at the bottom. I think I have too much of a forward lean and not keeping my back vertical enough. I may experiment w/ landing position and go a little wider. This may be a function of the bar being too far away from my body as well.

I need some things to work on so any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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