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Sorry to hear about the break. That sucks.

When I was a freshman in college I played LaCrosse and tried to climb whenever I had free time. A few weeks into school, I went up to Eldorado canyon and tried to teach myself to lead...while raining. I fell and broke my ankle. The next 4 months I walked on crutches and still went to the team lifting sessions. All I did were dips, pull-ups, pull-overs, and rows being quite exploratory and varied with sets/reps. I began the injury weighing around 135 and ended up 150lbs. My energy expenditure was low and in combination with watching the Big Lebowski and mimicking the illicit behavior demonstrated by the Dude I ate a TON.

This is all to say that you can grow some serious tricep and back/chest size/strength whilst being a gimp.

Good luck healing.
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