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Default a couple of points...

My energy expenditure was low
This was one reason why I felt it might be auspicious timing for a mass-gain cycle, as I have a hard time shying away from being physical all day when I am healthy. Owning a gym has only made this worse, as I walk in the next room and am surrounded by toys to beat myself up on! Now that it sucks to even walk (or hobble around on crutches, freestyle) I don't have to worry about being tempted to do Fran on a rest day or beat my PR on a 1000m row. That's one thing I have going for me.

Greg, you're right, I don't gain much fat, and that's not even much of a concern, as I've come to grips with a temporary loss of my uber-ripped physique (insert jokes here) to gain strength and functional size...more along the lines of gaining fat instead of muscle because I'm lacking the stimulus to make the extra eating go towards positive gains. I guess the answer is the same as it always is...try it and see. I'd definitely love to hear from Chris to see his experience on this matter, and will definitely keep you guys updated as to my progress over the coming weeks!

...oh, and titanium is pretty cool, but I was reallying hoping for the switch to full adamantium...I guess my doctor wasn't a Wolverine fan :P
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