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Haha, Matt, your observations were spot on with what I thought as well! Couple of things I've found to help from personal experience:

Keeping the bar close can be a very big aid in smoothly completing the lift. I've got forward lean that has been tough to shake (I'm working on it), but once I just set my mind to keeping that bar right up on the thighs / torso through the 2nd pull, things started to get easier.

You look like you've got a good scapular lock at the bottom of the lift, but like you and Greg observed, keeping eyes/head forward is really going to help keep that vertebra strong, not to mention provide focus on what you're doing.

The other thing is actually on footwork; Shoes more specifically. It looks like you've got a pair of lifting shoes already if, I'm not mistaken? If not, I'd recommend a good pair of wood or other firm material heeled shoes to help keep good contact with the ground and provide some better stability at the bottom of the lift.

My 2 bits anyway. Good luck and happy lifting mate!
"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it."

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