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Anton Emery
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Still have not made any headway into integrating the O-lifts. Being sick, then other life responsibilities has not had me training much lately. But i need to get something going soon.

I was thinking about Robb's Fight Prep article, where every session with Glenn he did a short strength circuit of pushing, pulling, and lower body. In the article it was mostly the slow lifts, but in a recent post he had indicated that he was now doing O-lifts for the base strength work. So i am trying to think how to do that for myself. Outside of BJJ i can train three days a week, right now its Tues, Thurs, Saturday. So perhaps something like:

2-3 reps of 2-3 sets

Front Squat
Push Press
Chins or Rope climbs

OH Squat

Back Squat
Upper body pulling movement

As far as loading the O-lifts will be pretty light across the board. I would focus on technique and slowly increase the weight, taking a back off week after three weeks. I feel at Crossfit Portland that i can get good instruction from the owners.

This strength section would be short enough so that i could do a metcon afterwards, though nothing to long.

Curious to hear what others think. I dont have any experience programming for the olympic lifts, and cant seem to find any templates online that talks about programming them for other sports. I feel i could benefit from the explosiveness and coordination that they offer.

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