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Originally Posted by Aimee Anaya View Post
The reason you are shooting your hips up is because your quads are not strong enough to support the load and open the knee at that angle (as a result of low-bar back squatting), so you have to refer to your posterior chain strength in order to stand up with heavy loads.
Aimee is gracing us with her hot sports opinions on low bar back squats. Awesome! I'm just kidding.

For real, the more I learn about squatting, I am finding the LBBS are not as functional as some would think. I don't think it is Rippatoes fault. He originally wrote the book for getting skinny high school kids and other begginers to pack on some strength. I had read somewhere that the SS LBBS is basically a modified "Good Morning" lift. I find that to be somewhat true.

I have also read that Rip himself admits his LBBS does nothing for standing up out of the "hole" in Olympic lifting, something that requires quadriceps. I believe Rip was noting that the transfer of LBBS strength to Olympic lifting is that it primarily benefits the first pull.
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