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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
This is by far our most popular issue...but we have heard relatively little feedback. What we have heard has generally been favorable...although one chap on the Crossfit message board used the program as a "cutting" method...go figure!
I'm almost done with the program (just need to get my new 1RM numbers), and I've gone up at least 10 pounds on everything. The biggest improvement has been with my front squat. My previous PR was only 60 lbs (six months of Crossfit got it up from 25); I hit 97 today (remember, this is a 7 week program) and am pretty confident I can hit 110 sometime this week. I'll post my before/after numbers in my training log once I get them on paper. I think I gained around five pounds or so, but I don't weigh myself consistently so it's hard to tell.

Ironically enough, my cardio (mostly heavybag work) has improved and I've also lost an inch or something (I think--all I really know is that those perfect fit pants are a little on the baggy side now).

I'm amazed at the improvement I've gotten from something that seems so low volume. I did take an extra 7 days or so off when I felt I needed them, but I've always done the extra day thing (usu. due to injuries.) This program kicks ass, and it definitely got my numbers up much faster than CF ever did, without all the side effects. The best part about it is that I don't feel exhausted or overtrained and I haven't gotten any injuries.

Next up I'm going to switch to the "whatever my Olylifting coach tells me to do" program...I'm excited about that one.
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