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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
Male dogs tend to get fat when fixed. Dogs are great for keeping a bit on the light side for longer lifespans. Why not give them the advantage?
I disagree with this George, I had my BLM fixed at 14 months and he is a chisled machine.
As far as fixing a dog I have always read recommendations on fixing them after 2 years. The research behind this is that the signal for the eplithelial (sp) plates to close in the bones is done by the balls. Some bones stop growing before others. So the femur which stops growing last won't get this signal if you neuter early, causing a longer than normal femur. This will lead to joint problems down the line. There is also additional research regarding cancers and fixing your dog but its been a long time since I had to go through with this.
Additionally as mentioned above you should spay or neuter your dog eventually because its a responsible thing to do. Unless you have selected a dog that is the appitomy of the bred for breading, breading to have another dog like the one you have or so your children can see the miricle of birth is probably best left to professionals. There are enough poor quality dogs out there.
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