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Default Elbow pain during receiving portion of snatch


I'm a pseudo-regular on the CF boards these days and read here often, but I thought this might be a better place to ask about this. This is actually a cross-post from over there, so if you've seen it there, it is all the original info plus a little bit:

I'm 6'1", 177 lbs., and lanky (my arms are admittedly worse than the rest of my body in regards to lankiness).

I noticed some crazy pain last week while doing snatches at the insertion point of my triceps to my elbows. It happens as soon as I receive the bar and will not go away until I release it. The best way I can describe it is that I felt like I had recruited every muscle fiber possible but it wasn't enough--it was very sharp and left as soon as I dropped the bar. I think I had potential to actually tear the tendon or at least strain it (the guy that dislocated his elbow during last year's Olympics--while snatching no less--keeps popping in my head).

I figured I would see if it was just a problem during snatches, so I did snatch-grip jerks this evening. My problems with the snatch began at about 115 lbs (I know. . .). I had the same sensation at 145 lbs. doing snatch jerks tonight. For some other reference, I have successfully jerked 175 lbs. with a clean grip with zero problems.

Some over at CF have suggested that it could be an injury, but this is the only thing that has bothered my elbows for quite some time. I had some tendinitis in high school almost 10 years ago and some pain when I first started to learn the muscle-up (which I still haven't gained competence in as of tonight). Actually, the pain is quite similar to what I had during my initial days trying to do a MU, but I haven't felt it in months. Ring dips, bench press, pullups, and anything with a clean grip create zero problems. This is the only situation that I feel this kind of pain in.

So, any suggestions on how to approach this?
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