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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
What do you guys think of this? If they eventually made a banned steroid that could do unnaturally what this kid had coincidentally, would that bar him from competing in elite sports?
I think that the bully whippets would be dominating the normal whippets in racing if that were so. I haven't seen or heard evidence of that anywhere I've looked.

In the page Gant linked, it states the bully whippet had a "normal"-sized heart and lungs. Maintaining sufficient bloodflow/oxygen/nutrients to excessive muscle in high intensity activity would be very difficult, considering the loads that "normal" heart and lungs are designed for.

Again, probably only a beneficial mutation for bodybuilders.

Or, he may endure something like Richard Sandrak (from Wikipedia), another kid on Gant's link:
He made a television appearance on the programme "The Worlds Strongest Child and Me", which aired on February 18 2009. Presenter Mark Dolan went on a quest to find the strongest children in the world and Sandrak was one of those interviewed. Sandrak said he still works out, but due to growing up the world had lost interest in him. He showed his six-pack which had earned him world wide aclaim, but admitted how his average overall body size meant he was not as famous as he had been. Mark suggested that the world was fascinated to see a 12 year old with a ripped body but not a 16 year old. Sandrak then said he will try to pursue a career in acting but Dolan realised he would have to start living like a normal young adult. His father is currently serving time in prison for abuse towards Rich's mother. His father also allegedly gave Rich steroid injections when he was young but claimed that it was just protein.
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