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I agree with Donald.

Everyone has a right to disagree, and that is okay. everyone has their training preferences. Aside from the strength building differences, what I have found is this... it is very difficult for people to learn proper and effective technique in the snatch and the clean if they are frequent LBBS'ers. I find it difficult for them to get in the correct starting position because they want to shoot their hips up first, and when they receive the bar they shoot their hips up when recovering, which often results in them dumping the bar forward. Or when doing a snatch, they look like they are trying to do a good morning with the bar over their heads. They often jump forward to chase the bar in both the clean and the snatch because of their back and hip angle, and then it makes it even more difficult for them. The LBBS places one in position that is very technically (not only strength here) compromising when they try to snatch and clean, because they want to be in the position where they feel strongest. LBBS are great, again in my opinion, for anybody who does not ever want to snatch or clean & jerk. But for those who do want to incorporate the lifts into their training, they should start HBBS'ing right away. Because as Donald mentioned, LBBS develops very poor motor patterns, and technique problems that are very difficult to break.
They just do not transfer over as people like to think.
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