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Blair Lowe
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Stronger and more coordinated than your average 3yo, but nothing too spectacular...until I coach him.

He is pretty lean for a 3yo but then again he seems small as well.

Interested tidbit about the LittleGym, Garrett. I know a friend that knew the people that started it up from Marin. He regrets not getting on that bandwagon with them.

I'm gonna take that Liam climbed that high on the rope by stepping on the coach's wrist. I have kids do that, especially when we don't have a knotted rope. Every gym needs one or two of those. It makes learning how to climb a lot easier than just struggling, period.

The picture of the small child doing a one arm support is very impressive as is the leg musclature. My former boss's daughter had legs like that at 4 from bouncing on trampolines so much.
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