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March 23 Monday

Actually no more workouts over the weekend other than shoveling rock. Couple of things happened that all contributed to just a fantastic weekend.

1) Some good friends of our family came in from MI so we went to the lake on Friday
2) In accordance with all man laws I drank more than normal since a good friend was there on vacation
3) I shoveled 2 yards of gravel Saturday morning after breakfast and am still feeling it.
4) We spent the entire day on the water from 12 til 6:30. The kids tubed and kneeboarded like crazy. Delaney and Derek Jr both have birthdays this week. Jr's is the 24th and Laney's is the 26th so it was the last time they were going to kneeboard as 6 and 8 year olds and they wanted to make the most of it.
5) We hustled back on Sunday for the circus which was their birthday party with friends and then went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Laney told me it was the best birthday ever. I pray that she tells me that every year. Big note to self and everyone else, when the circus wants to upsell you to reserved seating say YES! We were jammed into general admission and I was right behind a pole.
6) The air compressor went out at the car wash and when we got done with dinner my dad, bro in law, son and me went there and got the new compressor installed and wired in. Took a little work but all done. Now if I remember correctly blue to black, red to red, green to anything...

7) And lastly Friday before I left after my workout I was pretty amped up so I grabbed a deck of cards and had at it. There was only 48 in there so I still can't say I have torn an entire deck, but by golly I am right there. This deck was fairly easy on the hierarchy of toughness but once again I am working on it.

So all that said I am pretty darn sore today. Especially my hands and forearms.


30 Minutes and around 1.5 miles of walking during which I carried a 16 KG KB for half of it. I dropped the KB on the second loop.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin
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