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Default Speed for Strongman

I just got sent the results from the first strongman comp in the series that i'm competing in and as I suspected the times that the middleweights are putting up are pretty quick.

The top results in each event were

Farmers 100kg 50m - 23 seconds
250kg yoke 25m - 11 seconds
Overhead medley (4 lifts) - 19 seconds
Partial Deadlift for reps 220kg - 7 reps (this is suspiciously low)
Stones 90 - 130kg - 16 seconds

I'm confident that i've got enough strength to complete the events so now I need to work on my speed.

Apart from working the events at the specified weights has anyone got an ideas? I'm thinking that i'll need to work on speed with some lighter implements and possibly even some overspeed work on the farmers and yoke to get my foot turnover faster.

For the overhead medley i'm working on things like being able to powerclean the axle instead of having to continental and also working on snatching the dumbell instead of clean and pressing it.
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