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Agreed on the shoes. Most definitely.

The thing that stuck out to me the most was how far the bar was from your body at the top of the 2nd pull. That's the reason you had to jump forward.

I tried my best to pause and play to catch you at certain points. The bar's distance from your body when the bar gets to the crease of the hip was more than 4". That was the reason you had to jump forward to receive it.

Further, when you're at that point in the movement - the point where the bar meets the crease of the hip - you need to explode upward in a vertical jump as violently as possible. I was recently introduced to the concept of "punch." The punch occurs when the bar meets the crease of the hip (the only time the bar should contact the body during the first and second pull) and you explode vertically.

You are right about the third pull, you could drop faster, but that's a learned thing that will take time.

Hope that helps? Good luck.

All the best,
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