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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
MOD- I know Evan personally and what he needs more than anything is articles/study reviews that are peer reviewed which show benefits of diets conducive to the use of stored energy during exertion. Basically something to combat the idea that food fuels the function and more that food refuels depletion.

I along with many came into my current dietary plan of “eat what my body asks for when it asks for it” through a Paleo/Zone/IF approach and then playing around from there. But today I realize while the zone is a way to open my metabolism to a more proper hormonal balance, eventually that just lead me to more appropriately listening to my body.

So I don't think this thread is best put in the Zone section however I understand why it has ended up here. Coach Glassman and crossfit in general adopting the Zone as a Rxed performance diet has put it on the front page so to speak. Now that Robb Wolff has so cunningly described a more appropriate and malleable dietary design and labeled it the athletes Zone we have a bunch of CFers claiming they zone while in fact they are just eating a well put together performance diet based on the idea of refueling and increasing nutrient delivery and utilization through natural metabolic function within the human, as a species.

So what I was hoping to find myself in this thread was some information involving the aid of insulin sensitivity through a reduced intake of highly digestible carbohydrate sources throughout the day and utilizing the glycogen preferred storage window for refueling as well as a fat adapted metabolism through increased caloric intake of healthy fats. Leading to a conclusion that functioning on stored fuel is more efficient than eating a power bar before getting to the gym and constantly sucking down HFCS water while working out.

I will also hopefully be turning the RD at my place of employment onto these references so the clients I refer to the lovely woman (and I really mean that she is awesome) will be in the hands of someone who is at least informed as to why I hold these opinions and thus state the requests of her that I do.

Thanx for the time and attention of any who give it,

IMO, a lot of what you've stated is false. There's a happy medium between the extremes of Zoners/CrossFitters and the common bodybuilding-influenced nutrition knowledge.

For example, why would running on stored fuel be more efficient than eating a powerbar before working out? If in your workout, you end up depleting your glycogen, you would probably wish you had that powerbar pre-workout.

Just as training prescriptions are all relative to the goals, nutrition is also relative to people's goals.

And nutrition for general health is different from nutrition for sports performance.
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