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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post

IMO, a lot of what you've stated is false. There's a happy medium between the extremes of Zoners/CrossFitters and the common bodybuilding-influenced nutrition knowledge.

For example, why would running on stored fuel be more efficient than eating a powerbar before working out? If in your workout, you end up depleting your glycogen, you would probably wish you had that powerbar pre-workout.

Just as training prescriptions are all relative to the goals, nutrition is also relative to people's goals.

And nutrition for general health is different from nutrition for sports performance.

I almost made my already long post even longer by stating information dealing with what you just posted. I was honestly just hoping to find support for my opinions not begin a debate on apples and oranges and which is the better fruit. That being said I don't see were your post and mine are in any seriouse conflict.

If you are talking about endurance events in which you are required to have a long steady exertion of energy requiring a caloric output which far surpasses your glycogen storage then yes you are right you had better be fueling up as constantly with as easily digestible sources of energy as possible while exerting the energy. Outside of those events I stick to my opinions and I don't see where you are disagreeing. Even in those cases for health AND performance as stated in the original post and general metabolic function sticking to vegetables and some fruit as your primary source of carbohydrates and relying on them to restore glycogen rather than keep blood glucose available for energy would IMO be preferable. For this reason even the endurance athlete would do well to understand the legitimacy of the principles I stated above. So while we are both right it would still be nice to be able to present some information on the subject at hand being a healthy performance bias diet from my side as the majority of "general Knowledge" in the industry currently comes from the other.

I recognize that my comment as to the power bar was condescending and I do apologize if it offended anyone. I ate a cliff bar PWO just the other day, if it helps you feel better, I am not above a nutrient dense carb indulgence though I prefer pizza and ice cream.
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