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Adam Gagliardi
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Don--I can only speak for my training crew...when we have a contest coming up and we know the weights/ events...we train only those events. depending on the contest weights and whether or not we are at that level, we usually do a week at say 90%, the next week will be lighter focusing on speed/endurance in those events, then a heavy week, light week, etc and dont do anything the week before the contest.
an example would be 700 yoke for 50ft. say 8 weeks out from contest
wk.1 would be around 660 for 2 or 3 runs
wk.2 would be around 560 for 2 or 3
wk.3 would be around 700-720 for 1 or 2 runs
wk,4 would be around 460 for 3 or 4 runs
wk.5 680 for 2 or 3
wk.6 700-730 for 1 or 2
wk.7 560ish for 2 or 3--7 days before contest
no hard training during contest week, maybe some pushups, pullups, box jumps, but nohting taxing
wk. 8 contest
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