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The closeness of the bar primarily matters the nearer you get to the crease of your hip.

I paused and played until I stopped your lift when the bar passed the crease of your hip - it was a good 4" away from your crease.

That's NOT what you want.

The bar should stay very close to your body throughout the movement, then move into the crease of your hip right before you jump vertically.

That's the same time your knees go under the bar and the same time you're actively pushing the bar back toward your body.

let me repeat, the only time the bar should touch your body is in the crease. So you understand. The bar stays close to your body thoroughout the first second and third pulls. The bar path looks like a very skinny S (if viewing from the left side of your body).

In other words, if you're looking at yourself form the left side, the initial movement of the bar is not up - it's actually back toward the shins as you extend your knees to start the first pull. As the bar passes the knees, the bar path continues to move into the body. The maximal point of the movement toward the body should be near the crease of the hip which should be the only time the bar actually touches the body. At that point, your knees are under the bar and you are in the power or vertical jump position. That's when you explode vertically, thinking "high elbows" to keep the bar close to your body as you pull yourself under it.

I hope that helps?

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Originally Posted by Jake Galgon View Post
Thanks very much to both of you. I'll keep the advice in mind. I'm wondering how much my distance from the bar has to do with body geometry? In the snatch before this one I skinned my knee, and I rememberI was very close on this one as well...Is there anything in my pull that I can change to keep the bar closer without taking my kneecaps off?

Specifically I've noticed in videos that some lifters take a sort of exaggerated bow-legged edge-of-feet knees-out stance on the pull (just browsing videos i see (lift starts at about 0:47))...Would something like this help me keep close to the bar?
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