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Originally Posted by Christian Mendoza View Post
On the split jerk, should the rear foot be flat (leg straight), or slightly bent at the toes (leg slightly bent)? I used to split jerk with my rear foot flat, but was suggested to try the other way. Is this an anatomy specific question, or one of those basic rules to adhere to? Much appreciated!
Ideally, the front foot is flat with the shin perpendicular to the ground.

Ideally, The back foot is on the toe or ball of the foot.

The feet should be equal distance apart - or they should move the same distance from the center of the body. You are looking for balance with the bar overhead.

When you recover, ideally, you bring your front foot back; then your back foot forward. In that order.

No rules to adhere to on how you perform the movement. It's a matter of comfort. I personally prefer to power jerk. My goal is to become squat jerker. One of North America's best lifters, Kendrick Ferris, had a very unorthodox style of split jerking which had both feet flat - but one foot foward and one foot back. He recently changed to the power jerk and has enjoyed great continued success.

Hope that helps?
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