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Originally Posted by Jeff_Dale View Post
Thanks Robb! It's kinda hard working out of a garage without a training partner, so it's reassuring to get feedback once in awhile and make sure I'm on track. I'll check out that article too, thanks.

"So, as far as what to do...what is your current 1RM front squat? If it is significantly higher than your clean (assuming good form, depth etc) then by all means, use that for your 60% guide."
Yeah, my squat is a bit higher, but still a relatively weak figure (215).

"it may be smart to shift to 60% of your front/back"
That's funny because I have been doing 60% of my squat during this cycle. It just felt like the right amount of weight to be doing for 6x6, and I have been trying to explode up with the weight too.
Perfect! Work that rate of force development and just hammer away. Small increases from week to week will add up pretty impressively over time.
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