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Default Brilliance and muckracking...

Attain relevance by pitting one obscure sport (Oly) against another only slightly less obscure sport (SM).......

a couple gems..

The made up strongman events such as the truck pull, tires, kegs, and stones are essentially tests of brute strength with little carry over to any sport but strongman. For instance, none of these “world’s strongest men” competitors listed on the organization’s web site were at the Beijing Olympics. Certainly the functionality of their strongmen events (which, remember, are so functional to football) would easily carry over to two such simple, ordinary, barbell exercises as the snatch and the clean and jerk?


With tires and beer kegs?

This is such a crock. There is no known connection to throwing beer kegs, picking up stones, and pretend competitions with building mental toughness.
this tells me he's not been invited to the right parties....

It's not fair to cherry pick when someone's raving but I couldn't resist. Hilarity. I wonder what he thinks of poor Misha Koklyaev
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