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Originally Posted by Mark Joseph Limbaga View Post
most, if not all of them want to gain size since I'm dealing with guys who are 5'6 and weight a buck twenty to a guy at 6 weighing a buck forty.

I also have another student who is at 150, yet looks like 125 since most of his weight is fat and stored in his belly.

I always always always explain to them that you need to gain size first and build strength, and you can't expect to get big with tiny weights or if you eat like an anorexic girl.

The hardest thing to further explain is since we're living in an Asian country, is not to blame white rice as the main culprit.

Countless times I always have to explain that if white rice is the soul culprit of making someone fat, the highest number of obese people will be living in Asia.

Mostly, the hardest thing to teach people in eating is how to avoid all the fatty, oily and processed food and focus on real, clean food.
Honestly if they don't want to listen your not gonna make them.... but asking them if they want results and asking them why then they wont listen to your methods of helping them receive the results they want may help build a open communication that will at least get down to the real deal. Maybe down one less client if they arenít reachable.

If they will listen it can be a lot to give them every thing at once just start with lift heavy and eat meat a lot. Baby steps brother.
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